About Nik Pharma Solution

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We Nik Pharma Solutions, are premier partner for cutting-edge PET bottle packaging solutions tailored exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry's liquid syrup formulations. At Nik Pharma Solutions, we recognize the pivotal role that packaging plays in safeguarding the efficacy and integrity of liquid syrup medications. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to manufacturing PET bottles that excel in both form and function, offering unparalleled protection and convenience for pharmaceutical liquids.

Our PET bottles are meticulously engineered to withstand the unique challenges posed by liquid syrup formulations. With advanced barrier properties, our bottles effectively shield your valuable medications from light, moisture, and external contaminants, ensuring optimal stability and shelf life.

Pharma Pet Bottels

10ml 22mm Round

Measuring Caps

15ml 22mm Round

15ml 25mm Round

Ropp Caps

30ml 25mm Oval

30ml 25mm Round


50ml 25mm Oval

60ml 22mm Round


60ml 25mm Benadryl


60ml 25mm Dose Mark

hdpe bottle

60ml 25mm Full Ring

60ml 25mm Glecrin

60ml 25mm Half Ring

60ml 25mm MicroBrute

60ml 25mm Oval Brute

60ml 25mm Oval

60ml 25mm Round

60ml 25mm

100CC 38mm Tablet Jar

100ml 22mm Round

100ml 25mm Benadryl

100ml 25mm Blue

100ml 25mm Brute with Ring

100ml 25mm Brute

100ml 25mm Flat

100ml 25mm Green

100ml 25mm MicroBrute

100ml 25mm MicroRound

100ml 25mm Orange

100ml 25mm Oval

100ml 25mm Pink

100ml 25mm Red

100ml 25mm Ribs

100ml 25mm Round

100ml 25mm Yellow

100ml 25mm

120ml 25mm Oval

120ml 25mm Round

150CC 38mm Tablet Jar

150ml 25mm Oval

170ml 25mm Oval

170ml 25mm Round

200 ml

200ml 25mm Brute

200ml 25mm Flat

200ml 25mm MicroBrute

200ml 25mm MicroRound

200ml 25mm NewRound

200ml 25mm OvalBrute

200ml 25mm Round

200ml 25mm Sentivani

225ml 25mm MicroBrute

225ml 25mm MicroRound

250ml 24mm Black

250ml 24mm Round

250ml 28mm Oval

300 ml

300ml 25mm Brute

300ml 25mm Oval

300ml 25mm Sentivani

300ml 28mm Brute

400ml 25mm Round

450ml 25mm Round

500ml 25mm Golden

500ml 25mm MicroRound

500ml 25mm Round

500ml 25mm Silver

1000ml 28mm Oval

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